What does PSB Stand for?

PSB stands for Palm Strand Board, a new innovative type of Oriented Strand Board (OSB) designed and produced by Desert Board, a kind of structural wood panel made by compressing and gluing pieces of palm fronds together.

Does Desert Board PSB have Formaldehyde?

Dubai Green Building System and other independent third-party laboratories have confirmed that our board contains less than 0.3mg of Formaldehyde per liter, which classify it as E=0, thus making Formaldehyde absent.

Why is Formaldehyde considered toxic?

While it’s easier to use, Formaldehyde can interact with molecules on cell membranes and in body tissues and fluids and disrupt cellular functions.

Is Desert Board PSB safe to use indoors?

Yes, All Desert Board products are safe to be used indoors.

What are the uses of Desert Board PSB?

Desert Board PSB can be used as an alternative to other uses of wooden structural panels.. Please have a look at our range to know more about the applications of our PSB.

Is Desert Board PSB better than plywood?

Yes, Wood fiber is used more efficiently in PSB. Desert Board PSB is more potent than plywood in shear. Shear values, through its thickness, are about two times greater than plywood.

Is Desert Board PSB better than MDF?

Desert Board PSB is suitable for structural projects and withstands water, moisture, and weather conditions better than MDF. (See Video)

Is Desert Board PSB load bearing?

Due to its inherent strength, Desert Board PSB is particularly suitable for load-bearing applications in construction, but it also has a wide range of other applications. (See Video)

Is Desert Board PSB termite resistant?

Due to its manufacturing process, Desert Board PSB is a great termite resistant and performs better than any other wooden structural panel.

Is it OK to use screws on Desert Board PSB?

Yes, the screw holding capability of Desert Board PSB can match any other type of wooden structural panel. (See Video)

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